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Ever wanted to walk on water? Now you can in our innovative new Dry Runnerz from europe! Now you can walk, run, flip, flop or just float, all without even getting wet! Its Great Excercise, challenging and Fun!

​Great fun idea for parties, make a splash without getting wet!  



Our DryRunnerz have been manufactured to the highest UK & European standards, and have a 100% safety record in the UK and Europe. Dry Runnerz are inflated with new, fresh air for each rider, and then carefully zipped and then guided on to the water for a whole new fun experience!


With more than enough fresh air in each of the DryRunnerz for 40 minutes of vigorous exercise, there is plenty of fresh air for each of our 5 minute rides!


Dry Runnerz are tethered and closely supervised so if for any reason a rider wishes to get out early, they can simply sit down with their arms folded and our trained operators will have them out in seconds. Dry Runnerz only ever operate with one rider in each. 


Our operators are extremely experienced in water activities, and are water safety trained so you could not be in better hands. You can simply relax and enjoy the fun!



Dry Runnerz parties can be booked for any suitable in-ground pool, at private houses, or in public / hotel pools with permission from the owner or operater.


Don't have a pool? No problem! Parties can also be held at one of our sites ; 

AmericInn, New Richmond, and the Dalles House Hotel, Saint Croix Falls.

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