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Our professionally designed swim program:


We progress through a series of levels carefully designed to break down the stroke components and skill developments into achievable progressive steps. These have been specifically designed to build on water confidence and excellent technique and practices.


Lessons are available for all ages, and are available year-round.


Summer lessons are available as 1 week Crash Course intensive sessions Mon - Fri

multiple weeks may be booked.


Weekly lessons are available through the school year after school.

All lessons last for approx. 30 minutes.

All lessons are structured, progressive and above all, FUN!

​Class Sizes are very small, to ensure personal attention for each swimmer.

Private 1:1 lessons are also available.

We achieve maximum progression for every one of our swimmers, whilst encouraging a healthy respect for the water


We provide all the pool equipment, you just need a swimsuit and towel.


We strongly encourage continuous swimming throughout the year, as stopping and starting may cause loss in confidence, and bad habits to develop


Since 2004 we have been providing the highest quality, most personal swim lessons available.

While there are many activities available for our children today,  water safety is a life skill that may one day save their lives



Weekly after school lesson times are currently available ;

Mondays - St. Croix Falls 

Tuesdays - New Richmond 

Wednesdays - New Richmond 

Thursdays - Saint Croix Falls

Sessions are arranged based on school dates, and last for 8 - 10 weeks.


Summer 'Crash Course' intensive 5 day sessions (Mon - Fri) are available at both locations once each month


Summer Crash Course also available at private locations - We will come to you! 

Please see pricing information


Check out our 



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Session prices are dependant upon the number of weeks in the session.

Lessons are grouped into sessions and run year-round, to enable continuous development.


Summer Intensive Crash Courses

and Private 1:1 lessons also available



“Our daughter has had several sessions with Penny,when she attended school swimming lessons recently they used her to demonstrate good technique to the class!!.”

"​... I cannot speak highly enough about the quality 30 minute lessons... I have had my children in FOSS Swimming School (which is awesome) but not even FOSS can compare with Penny's expertise. She is THE BEST swimming teacher!"


 We can fix that!


Nervous Beginners are a specialty at Go Swim USA!

Our goal is to make swimming safe and enjoyable for all. We strive to bring water confidence to all our swimmers, regardless of age, through patience, understanding, and appropriate progressive practices.

We have extensive experience working with all ages, and are especially proud of our 100% success rate working with nervous beginners.

We take great care to ensure every individual feels comfortable in the water and in our class situation. We bring independence and confidence to all our swimmers regardless of age.

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